A Warm Personality and the Creativity to Find the Best Solutions. That’s How Jerri LeBlanc Approaches Real Estate.

When Jerri LeBlanc first stepped through the doors of the house she and her family had just purchased, her imagination immediately began to run wild. For this creative soul, the home’s stark, white walls and vast dirt yard were like blank canvases just waiting to be brought to life by a resourceful hand. And she was up to the task. 

Let’s Get to Work! 

Jerri couldn’t wait to roll up her sleeves and wake up the walls with an array of vibrant colors, sharp accents and unique textures. She was already envisioning the backyard in its finished state, with a garden, swimming pool and orchard for family and friends to enjoy. But that would just be the beginning. Indeed, this dynamic individual was ready to immerse herself in the challenge of transforming this uninspiring structure of plaster and wood into the ultimate dwelling for her family. 

A Source of Pride

Today, Jerri proudly welcomes visitors into a home that reflects an artist’s sensibilities—each room distinctly and deliberately designed. Though it’s an ongoing work in progress, this businesswoman relishes the moments she can devote to all the projects she still has lined up. But Jerri’s vision was not realized overnight. It demanded tremendous focus, a meticulous attention to detail and hours upon hours of hard work. Still, for Jerri, it was time well spent because it was truly a labor of love. 

An Inherited Talent

Jerri will admit her artistic inspirations are a family trait. Her mother, a creative spirit at heart, was skilled in any task that called for hands-on work including quilting, sewing and woodworking. Jerri inherited these skills and has put them to good use throughout the years. From crashing an all boys metal shop class in high school to quilting custom blankets for extended family members to building a tree house for her children, Jade and Jaz, Jerri is truly in her element when creating something from her own hands. “For me, few things are more fulfilling than digging in and getting my hands dirty to bring my creative vision to life,” Jerri says. 

A Natural People Person

The colorful and comfortable décor throughout Jerri’s house is a perfect reflection of her personality—warm, outgoing and fun to be around. Jerri is one of those rare individuals others seem to gravitate toward naturally. Her strong communication skills served her well starting very early on. She was a young entrepreneur, convincing friends and neighbors to let her babysit, housesit and even mow their lawn to earn extra money. However, those childhood ambitions were just a glimpse of the successful businesswoman she would become.

A Unique Blend

Jerri’s creative talents, goal-oriented mindset and warm, outgoing nature are the solid foundation on which she’s built her career in real estate. One of the area’s most respected professionals, her unique blend of skills and knowledge have been the key to success for buyers and sellers alike.

“I couldn’t imagine a career more fitting for me,” she says. “There’s just something so rewarding about going into a house and helping a buyer envision it’s potential.” Whether Jerri is offering insider tips about maximizing backyard space or making cost-effective upgrade suggestions, her firsthand experience and understanding gives sellers valuable insights that help ensure a quick sale at the optimum return.

Inspired to Move You

As a lifelong Orange County resident, Jerri’s knowledge of this community’s more subtle aspects as well as its market trends pays dividends. But beyond that, the unwavering commitment she demonstrates from consultation to closing gives you the peace of mind that you’re working with a professional who is focused on your best interests.

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home and seeking to maximize your opportunities, contact Jerri LeBlanc. You’ll love her warm demeanor and creative personality. But most importantly, you’ll love her drive to make things happen for you. 
Let’s Find a Way! That’s her mantra to life and real estate. Make the most of your move and call Jerri today.